Giving Back

Since 2018, the Co-operative, joined in partnership with the Pacheedaht First Nation at Port Renfrew, and together, holds the Qala:yit Community Forest Agreement.

Sustainable forest management on this ‘community forest’ now provides funding for use in both communities.

Cowichan Forest Co-op Success Stories

Donation ceremonies share our commitment to the community.

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From Left to Right:  Pat Weaver (CLCFC), Jake Kelly, Shannon Kelly.

2024 Cowichan Lake Scholarship

July 10, 2024


Cowichan Lake Community Forest presented this scholarships of $2000.00 to Jake Kelly.  

Congratulations as you continue your education.


Presenting the scholarships is Pat Weaver.

2024 Cowichan Lake School Theatre

April 30, 2024

Cowichan Lake Secondary, with support Cowichan Lake Arts and Culture Society (CLAC) put on the ‘Big Fish’ theatre production on June 2024.  CLCFC donated $2000.00 towards this creative arts initiative.

Pat Weaver and Ed James donated the cheque on behalf of CLCFC.  (Richard Weir (CLCFC) photographed presentation.)

From Left to Right:  Pat Weaver (CLCFC), Diana Lindstrom


Left to Right: Bruce Carey, Wendy Carey, Linda Blanchford, Gordon Austin, Paulette McCaughey, John McCaughey, Bonnie Patten, Thomas Hutchings, Guy Patten, Bert Lambert, Lance Iverson

CLCFC Cheque presenters:  Ed James, Kristine Sandhu, Richard Weir and Pat Weaver present the cheque to Dick Orman, HB Carpet Bowling Coordinator.

2024 Honeymoon Bay Carpet Bowling Association

February 28, 2024

Cowichan Lake Community Forest presented $2000.00 to the Honeymoon Bay Carpet Bowling Association.  

This donation helps them host the 2024 Adult (19+) BC Provincial Carpet Bowling tournament.  This annual event will take place in Lake Cowichan for the first time. It will draw players in from across British Columbia and we anticipate traffic to local hotels and restaurants in town and surrounding communities.

CLCFC is happy to support events that promote tourism.

Phase 2 Duck Pond Playground Revitalization Project

February 23, 2024

Lake Cowichan Kinsmen receive a $15,000 donation from the CLCFC Board members.  This money will be used to complete Phase 2 of the Duck Pond playground revitalization project.  This includes a designated cement pad used to install outdoor workout equipment.  Target users are teens, young adults and seniors. 

From Left to Right:  John Kirkpatrick, LC Kinsmen – Vice President,  Drew Carmichael, LC Kinsmen- Treasurer, Lorne Scheffer, CLCFC – Chair, Richard Weir, CLCFC, Troy Douglas, LC Kinsmen – President, Ross Forrest, CLCFC.


Left to Right: Pat Weaver, Jenae Weir, Lennox Weber, Richard Bergman and Jada Forrest.

2023 Cowichan Lake Scholarship

June 15, 2023

Cowichan Lake Community Forest presented three scholarships of $1500.00 in 2023.  

This years 3 deserving graduating students are Jenae Weir, Lennox Weber, Richard Bergman.  Award money will be used to further their education.

Presenting the scholarships are Pat Weaver and Jada Forrest.

Cowichan Lake Trail Blazers

June 11, 2023

Cowichan Lake Community Forest Co-op donated $7,000 to the Cowichan Lake Trail Blazers. Their mission statement is “… to develop, maintain and promote hiking and biking trails throughout the Cowichan Lake region while working with the local communities to enhance the support structures and services required to creating sustainable, environmentally sound experiences for local residents and tourists.”

We support their vision as they work on this legacy project for the Cowichan Lake community and future generations of outdoor enthusiasts.


From Left to Right: Dick Orman, Ross Forrest, Pat Weaver, Tim McGonigle, Ed James, Richard Weir, Pat Hrushowy, Manfred Moser (Vice President), Chelsea Billsborrow (Director), Betty McGonigle (Director), Rick Hill (Director), Fred Nipp (Treasurer), Lynn Klyne (Director), 

Front Row (Kneeling): Bob Day (President)

Left to Right:  Kristine Sandhu (Town of Lake Cowichan), Jada Forrest, Dale Plante,  Denise Williams (CVRD), Ross Forrest, Karen Deck (Area I Youbou/Meades Creek), Richard Wier and Lorne Scheffer.


June 6, 2023

Cowichan Lake Community Forest Co-op donated $100,000 to the Lake Cowichan Recreation Centre, (Cowichan Valley Regional District, CVRD.) This is to support the renovation of the hockey dressing rooms.

We support Hockey and the development of youth in sport in our community.

Cowichan Lake Minor Hockey

June 6, 2023

Cowichan Lake Community Forest CO-OP donated $8600.00 to Cowichan Lake Minor Hockey. This is to be designated for ‘development ice’ and league fees. 

‘Development ice’ is a program that brings in highly trained coaches for player skills improvement.  Other communities have this in place.  By providing it in Cowichan Lake, it offers these young players the opportunity to compete at the same level.

Roxanne, Minor Hockey President: ‘This donation offers a program we have never been able to offer before because of the growing cost of ice, insurance and other expenses. It allows us to keep the cost down and not ask parents for additional funds.’

CLCFC is happy to support Minor Hockey in Cowichan Lake

From Left to Right:  Jada Forrest (CLCFC), Roxanne Garnett (President, CL Minor Hockey), Shane Mullin (CL Minor Hockey Director), Dale Plante (CLCFC), Lorne Scheffer (Chair CLCFC), Ross Forrest (CLCFC), Richard Weir (CLCFC)


Cowichan Lake Kraken Hockey Club


Richard Weir is presenting to Harbs Bains, owner of the Cowichan Lake Kraken Hockey Team. 

This is the first of three $8000.00 cheques used to support this team in the Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League.

From Left to Right:  Richard Weir & Harbs Bain


Members of the Cowichan Lake Community Forest Cooperative with the Cowichan Lake area fire halls’ fire chiefs on June 3 to thank them for their service. (image borrowed from the Gazette)


$30,000 for 6 Cowichan Lake area fire departments

June 9, 2022

“Because of the efforts of each fire department’s volunteer members practising, training, and working to be at the ready to protect people and properties, they make each of our communities and homes safer places to work, live and recreate in,” said Lorne Scheffer, chair of the Cowichan Lake Community Forest Cooperative. “The CLCFC board and residents recognize and appreciate the important role the fire departments play in our communities.”

The money given to the fire departments and other community projects is a direct result of the forest coop’s partnership in the Qala:yit Community Forest Agreement.

New Lake Cowichan playground at Duck Pond

April 2022

The Forestry Co-op generously donated $50,000 toward the Duck Pond revitalization project. April 2022

“It is the pleasure of the board of the Cowichan Lake Community Forest Co-op to be able to help the Kinsmen Club of Lake Cowichan with their legacy project for the Duck Pond,” said CLCFC president Lorne Scheffer. “The funds provided by the CLCFC for this and other projects are the direct results of our partnership in the Qalayit Community Forest License Agreement.”

The Grand Opening of this new ‘inclusive’ equipment and soft rubber surface was August 2022.

From left: The Cowichan Lake Community Forest Co-operative’s Lorne Scheffer, Ed James and Pat Weaver (second from right), join Rod Peters (Kinsmen), deputy mayor Kristine Sandhu, councillor Carolyn Austin, Kinsmen member Dustin Mayo, and Kinsmen President Steve White for a special cheque presentation Friday April 22, 2022.  (image from Cowichan Valley Citizen)

Image from Elder Care Facebook page

Lake Cowichan Elder Care

May 2022

Cowichan Lake Community Forest Co-op donated $60,000 to the Cowichan Lake Elder Care Society. This is in support of their purchase of ‘the much needed neighbouring parcel’ of land necessary to construct Lakewood Manor.
The Town of Lake Cowichan donated the initial lot and a half to provide the start to this iniative.

The future Lakewood Manor will meet the needs of our senior citizens.

Cowichan Hospice House

June 2021

The Cowichan Lake Community Forest Co-operative is donating $100,000 to support whole-person care at Cowichan Hospice House. 

Opening in late 2020, this new facility is a compassionate, person-centered, end-of-life care centre available to Cowichan Valley resident

From left, Tim McGonigle, Ian Morrison, Pat Weaver, Jamie Goodman, Lorne Scheffer, Richard Weir, Gretchen Hartley, Christa Fox, and Andrew Fox celebrate a donation of $100,000 from the Cowichan Lake Community Forest Co-operative to Cowichan Hospice House. ( S.W. Lorimer photo)

Doug Knott  and Richard Wier

Donation to Lake Cowichan Fire Truck Museum

In 2020, a $12,500 donation was made to the Lake Cowichan Fire Department Museum.

Richard Weir presenting cheque to Fire Chief, Doug Knott.

(As the years pass, some may wonder about the masks. 2020 was when the COVID World Pandemic; happened; masks were the recommended protection until a vaccine could be developed.)

For convenience, adult names shared only.  (Left to Right)

Jennifer Smith (Back Row L), Jarret Deck (Back Row C), Ed James (CLCFC), Richard Wier (CLCFC)Cst. David Prak (Back Row R), Jolene Prak (Front Row L), Jenny Court (Front Row C)

1st Lake Cowichan Scouts

In 2019, a $5,000.00 donation was made to purchase equipment for the ‘1st Lake Cowichan Scouts’ of Lake Cowichan.  

Ed James and Richard Weir appear in the photo, representing the Forest Coop.

Photo taken February 2020, when the 1st Lake Cowichan Scouts held their annual Baden Powell Dinner.

Community Services Bus Purchase


The Cowichan Lake Community Forest Co-operative has donated $10,000 towards the purchase of the Community Service Bus.  This bus provides access to services for the community.

From Left to Right:  Richard Weir, Carol Blatchford, Pat Weaver, Ed James